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The RSTL Team has always focused on supporting those with limited options, because applying for short-term loans online can be a hassle. Approval criteria varies from lender-to-lender, so filling out application after application seeking an approval becomes exhausting. That’s why we built a network that allows us to explore numerous options for finding you a loan in one place.


Unfortunately, we have decided to sunset our platform due to the evolution of online finance, but there is good news!

Our personal loans brand can provide you with the world-class experience you expect!


Why Reliable Personal Loans?


RPL set out to bring value to borrowers. There are so many options when it comes to personal loans. Thousands of financial institutions offer loan products in stores and online. Our goal is to significantly simplify the research phase by narrowing down your options based on who you are. From there we hand over the keys and allow you to make a decision based on your assessment of the lender we connect you with. We believe simple is better.

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